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Pulang Basamo/Touring Together to West Sumatra

Visit West Sumatra June 2008



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June 7, 2008 Departure from Newark, NJ or Los Angeles, CA to Jakarta Indonesia

June 9, 2008. Arrive in Jakarta. ETD To Padang 12.00 noon ETA 1.30pm

Day One June 9th. 2008 of the Tour Package Pulang Basamo



Minangkabau International Airport


Our Pulang Besamo visitors will land at the Minangkabau International Airport/Bandara Internasional Minangkabau (BIM) which is located in the suburban of the capital city of the Propinsi West Sumatra- Padang. Visitors will be transported to the Padang Train Station, and from here the train will take visitors to Padang Panjang. This northward journey normally takes two hours. This private charted train journey will take us meanders through the majestic heartland of the Minangkabau landscape and the vast natural forest sanctuary that still unspoiled and vigilantly supervised by the Forestry Department. One of these is the peculiar natural beauty of the air terjun Lembah Anai/the natural waterfalls of the valley of the Termites. Our first group everything native lunch will be served once we reach Padang Panjang. Our journey continues by bus to Desa Pandai Sikek, a village located at the foot of the volcano Gunung Singgalang. Desa Pandai Sikek is very well known for its traditional Songket weaving, wood carving and embroidery. From Desa Pandai Sikek it takes half an hour to reach our last leg of today, Bukittinggi. Group members will be staying in a hotel and dinner is served while visitors are entertained with Minang cultural show.


Tourist Train on The Anai Valley


Day Two June 10th. 2008 of the Tour Package



This is our first day group tour. We will spend the whole day visiting popular sites of tourist attraction around Greater Batu Sangkar, a beautiful city of the Kabupaten/District Tanah Datar and it is only an hour drive and eastward from Bukittinggi. Our tour starts by stop, first at the Tabek Patah Kaki Gunung Merapi, one of the best places to view the scenic Grand Canyon of Indonesia with the majestic volcano Gunung Merapi in full view. Our group lunch is served at the Hotel Restaurant Pondok Flora, Batu Sangkar. This restaurant is selected due to its strategic location of having scenic panorama the surrounding rice (padi) fields. Our group evening events will spend at another three centers of attraction: the Istana Silinduang Bulan/Royal Palace of the State of Pagaruyung, the Batu Bersurat/the Written Stone (written in Sanskrit and lastly the majestic Danau Singkarak/Singkarak. By the evening every one of us will be back to our Bukittinggi hotel. Dinner is served while we are being entertained: watching one particular contemporary Minang folksong musical program called KIM PANTUN.


Day Three June 11th 2008 of the Tour Package



Today, it is our group’s “royal” tour. We are transported northeastern to Payakumbuh, literally means swamp of kumbuh or grassy swamp. We spend the whole morning till 3.00 PM, visiting the Rumah Godang/the traditional Minang Grand House, situated at the Sungai Baringin/River Baringin. Once in the yard of Rumah Godang we are welcomed with full Minang traditional welcoming dance ceremony- Tari Pasambahan/Tari Selamat Datang. This is a very decorative and elaborate traditional dance ceremony that truly replicates Minang local customs and mannerism of welcoming visitors. Perhaps, it worth to mention “get ready with your camcorder, digital and regular camera to record this event.” Our group lunch is traditionally served and it is uniquely very Minang.


There are many events that are very popular with visiting tourists at Payakumbuh: kincir air/waterwheels, kipang jagung/a uniquely local pop corn, pandai besi/craftsmanship producing lethal and no lethal weapons from smelted iron, pertunjukan Debus/magic-based martial arts performed on special stage, pacu itik/flying duck race, monyet memetik kelapa/monkeys plucking young coconuts show, pencak silat/martial art, and traditional Minang dance troupes performing live.


To complete our groups ‘royal” tour of the day, we proceed to the majestic panoramic Lembah Harau/ the Valley of Harau. Lembah Harau is in Kabupaten Lima Puluh Kota /District of Fifty Cities. Two words that fully describe the experience at Lembah Harau, a Cagar Alam or Strict Nature Reserve: very extraordinary. The ever fresh and refreshing mountain air and atmosphere, and the steeped rock terrain contours served as the decorative backdrops to waterfalls and its rainbow mists and vapors surely put us into an uplifting soothing experience of serenity and tranquility. To those mountain climbers, this Valley promises cool physical challenges.


Ending our “royal” tour of the day is to have and to enjoy a traditional dinner at our Bukittinggi hotel with live performances by traditional Minang musicians and dance troupes.


Day Four 12th 2008 of the Package Tour



Today, we are done in Bukittinggi. We pack and check out and ready to visit Maninjau, northwestern to Bukittinggi. Before leaving the group will have a city tour of Bukittinggi and its vicinity. First, the renown Panorama at Ngarai Sianok, then Lubang Jepang/Japanese Hole, the fortress Fort De Kock, and the Grand Clock Tower of Jam Gadang Pasar Atas. The tour is then directed to tour Koto Gadang/ Grand Fortress. This Koto Gadang is very well known for its silver craftsmanship – traditional and contemporary silver embroidery. It is the only of its kind in Minang.





Our group overnight lodging in Maninjau will be at Hotel Maninjau Resort. As usual, dinner is served at the Hotel restaurant and KIM PANTUN is also performance for the visitors.


Day Five 13th 2008 of the Package Tour




After breakfast and check out, the group will be taken to Danau Maninjau/Maninjau Lake. Before reaching Maninjau Lake, also locally known as Crystal Lake, first we have to survive the daunting downhill journey by meandering through the steep 44 hairpin bends (a lots of sharp z-turns), locally known as Kelok 44. The Lake is simply gorgeous and its splendor is simply breathtaking. After survives the Kelok 44 and enjoy the splendid morning at Maninjau lake, we proceed to Padang via Pariaman, a well-known seaport that serve the hinterland of Minagkabau and also known for its Tabuik festival. How about enjoying our lunch while cross-legged (baselo) at any of the Pariaman beaches facing the South Indian Ocean. You will never forget this particular impromptu. Please record this particular impromptu with your camcorder or camera!




From Pariaman, we take train to Padang-the provincional city of West Sumatra. Once reach Padang, we have to board a ferry to take us to the Pulau Sikuai, A pearl in the Indian Ocean. There is a beautiful and sophisticated island off West Sumatra, Indonesia name Sikuai. A private island which shines like a pearl with a beautiful white sand beach. Here you can find tropical weather all year long, with beautiful untouched virgin forest leading to the white sandy beaches around the island. 40 hectares in size, with 21 cottages, restaurant, conference hall, swimming pool and jogging track, this is the perfect family holiday or team building location. The nature here is simply, well, indescribable. We have to be here in order to experience it. It is the earthly heaven at the Sumatran rim of the Indian Ocean. At a reserved hotel, we are being served a traditional dinner with traditional Minang music.

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Day Six, 14th June 2008



We are going to have a Padang city tour. Of, course it starts with another good breakfast. This city tour includes visiting Teluk Bayur/ the Bayur inlet, the olde Padang harbor, the Siti Nurbaya Bridge and of course, without question, the Grand Market of Padang/ Pasar Raya Padang. You name it, it has it. Of course, every thing is native.


Lunch is served at the reserved hotel and no more formal group schedule. Every one can pursue personal informal program of their own.


Sikuai Island is one of the many islands that serve Padang.


Day Seven, 15th June 2008



Our last group breakfast is served. Transportation is provided to our visitors to the BIM



In Bahasa





09 Jun 08


Rombongan dijemput di Bandara Internasional Minangkabau. Dengan KA Wisata menuju Padang Panjang. dimana keindahan alam Minangkabau terbentang, seperti hamparan sawah, hutan lindung dan Air Terjun Lembah Anai. Di Padang Panjang makan siang, kemudian pejalanan dilanjutkan menuju Desa Pandai Sikek di kaki Gunung Singgalang yang terkenal dengan Tenunan Songket, Ukiran Kayu dan Sulaman. Selanjutnya menuju Bukittinggi, check in dihotel, makan malam di hotel sambil menikmati kesenian tradisionil.


10 Jun 08


Setelah sarapan pagi di hotel, tour hari ini menuju Batu Sangkar diperjalanan berhenti di Tabek Patah kaki Gunung Merapi sambil menikmati pemandangan alam yang indah, berhenti di Kiniko terkenal dengan makanan khas Kabupaten Tahan Datar seperti Kopi, Pisang Sale, Kawa daun, dan bermacam makanan lain nya. Makan siang di Restauran Pondok Flora Batu Sangkar yang di kelilingan sawah padi. Setelah makan siang menuju Istana Silinduang Bulan, Batu Bersurat yang ditulis dalam Bahasa Sangsekerta, Danau Singkarak merupakan Danau terbesar di Ranah Minang, sore kembali ke Bukittinggi. Makan malam di hotel dengan permainan KIM Pantun dan Lagu


11 Jun 08


Tour hari ini, menuju Rumah Godang di Sungai Baringin Payakumbuh disambut dengan Tari Pasambahan (Tari Selamat Datang) atraksi Pariwisata seperti Kincir Air, membuat Kipang Jagung (Pop Corn), pandai besi, pertunjukan Debus, Pacu Itik, Monyet memetik kelapa, Pencak Silat, Tari tarian Mianangkabau Kemudian rombongan di pandu menuju ke dalam Rumah Godang di iringi Mara Pulai dan Anak Daro, makan bajamba yang diselingi Pepatah petitih dalam bahasa Miangkabau (Ba alua), sorenya perjalanan menuju Lembah Harau, jalan kaki di lembah harau sambil menikmati udara segar pegunungan, tebing batu yang dikelilingi Air terjun, sore kembali ke Bukittinggi. Makan malam di hotel diantar dengan musik tradisional.


12 Jun 08


Check out hotel, city tour mengunjungi Panorama Ngarai Sianok, Goa Jepang, Benteng Fort De Kock, Jam Gadang Pasar atas, selanjutnya perjalanan menuju Koto Gadang terkenal dengan Pengrajin perak, makan siang di hotel Nuansa Maninjau Resort / Restaurant Lokal, Gala Dinner (permainan KIM Pantun dan Lagu)


13 Jun 08


Setelah sarapan pagi di hotel / check out, perjalanan menuju Danau Maninjau via kelok 44, tiba di Maninjau, berhenti di Danau Maninjau sambil menikmati keindahan danau di pagi hari. Perjalanan dilanjutkan menuju menuju Padang via Pariaman. Makan siang baselo dipinggir pantai Pariaman. Dari kota Tabuik ini perjalanan dilanjutkan dengan KA Wisata menyusuri pantai Samudera Hindia menuju Padang. Sampai di Padang naik kapal menuju Pulai Sikuai, check in hotel, makan malam di hotel ditemani musik tradisional.


14 Jun 08


Setelah sarapan pagi di hotel kembali ke Padang, city tour mengunjungi Teluk Bayur, Pelabuhan Lama Padang, Jembatan Siti Nurbaya, dan Pasar Raya Padang, setelah makan siang check in hotel, Program bebas.


14 Jun 08


Setelah sarapan pagi di hotel, program bebas / bersiap siap sampai tiba saatnya untuk di transfer ke Airport untuk menuju Bandara untuk pulang ke tempat masing masing dan acara tour selesai.

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